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Project managers:
May the force be with us

Lady under attack in workplace
Its 2015 and the latest edition of a global sensation is about to be released. Marketing teams are excitedly brainstorming to make brand-related products or services, that can piggyback on the success of this franchise. My client was no different. In fact, they were fortunate enough to be in partnership with the brand.

An augmented reality experience was required to showcase their dual branded products. It was a fairly new start up offering:

  • an innovative product
  • a newly formed project team - with minimal exposure to augmented reality
  • an additional offshore team only available each day after lunch
  • a new leadership team - who were making changes
  • a creative team not buying into those changes and
  • an unrealistic deadline with missing assets

I mean, seriously, what could go wrong???

Well actually, this is a common scenario for a project manager. So, I was pretty relaxed. Of course, the above-mentioned issues do not surface at the same time…that would be way too easy!

As a project manager

I do need to spot these issues and mitigate them before they develop into a risk! That’s the beauty of being the eyes and ears of each project. I am the interface between internal and external teams, including suppliers. I can offer visibility when it is needed the most.

No-one else will see the whole picture…

No-one else needs to see the whole picture!

Did I mention infrequent mood swings? Not mine…I have no time for that!

A deadline is quickly looming and a creative decides they have received one too many requests to correct the work they did their way, to their own vision. Which was not to the client’s liking.

Creative has a meltdown. They go A.W.O.L, content is locked in their magic box of a Mac with access to no-one else.

Panic starts to kicks in and has a domino effect

  • people are shouting (not me)
  • some are even crying (not me)
  • more meltdowns and a deadline still moving in closer.

No-one notices the project manager

  • Even when using their shoulder to cry on
  • Even when screaming directly in their face
  • Especially not when they are off speaking to individuals for solutions or pulling together an impromptu meeting for quick resolutions and issuing updates
  • Even when they had already built into the schedule extra time to allow for such unforeseen delays, no-one remembers.
  • Even when they managed to keep the budget and scope from creeping over

To be honest, it’s all part and parcel of keeping a ship running smoothly, particularly, when things do not appear to be going so smoothly. A project manager usually has it covered. With their knowledge and expertise gained from previous projects, to ensure you do not need to worry about rising issues.

All this excitement before the client mentions they need to launch the product, that already had an unrealistic deadline, one week early.

One-whole-week-early. Great!


  • More noisy meltdowns
  • More counselling and more consoling
  • More adjusting schedules
  • More budget manipulation
  • More ignoring the project manager as they calmly restructure timings and identify any risks.

But most importantly…MORE celebrations when yet another project is completed successfully!

Client is happy. Stakeholders are happy. Project team members are happy. I am definitely happy, that they are all happy.

“Next project!” I hear you say. The Force was definitely with me!

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NB. Please note content in this blog is based on several experiences over the years and not just one project. Details have been exaggerated for dramatisation and hopefully your entertainment.